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What makes a Russian Brilliants® simulated diamond practically indistinguishable from a mined diamond?

  • DE Colorless, Perfectly Flawless
  • Hand Cut to Ideal Proportions, Hearts & Arrows
  • Set in Solid 14k or 18k Gold or Platinum Settings and created by Master Craftsmen in the USA


Stuller for a wide selection of fine jewelry, including engagement and wedding rings, right-hand rings, pendants, earrings, religious jewelry, and more.


Pintura™ Cultured Diamonds are manufacturers and distributors of Gemesis™ Diamonds Grown by Man. Laboratory grown yellow diamonds.


Chatham created gems and diamonds. Gemstones possessing the same physical, chemical, spectral and optical qualities of mined gems at a fraction of the cost.


One of the only fully integrated prime manufacturers of Gold and Sterling Silver monograms, nameplates, initial pendants, signet rings, and mother's bracelets in the country.



The worlds most respected name in Fine Motion Jewelry, producing quality "Spinner Rings" and "Floating Diamonds".


Your left hand is your heart. Your right hand is your voice.

 Wandering Jeweler Inc BBB Business Review
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This site offers custom jewelry, a wide assortment of wedding jewelry including wedding diamond rings,  diamond engagement rings, platinum wedding rings, platinum engagement rings, gold wedding rings, gold engagement rings, precious gems including ruby, sapphire, emerald and tanzanite all available nationwide from Wandering Jeweler Inc. DBA Matt Meis Goldsmith, a San Diego Jewelry Company offering custom design jewelry,  jewelry repair and jewelry appraisal.

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